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Aristocrete stained concrete floors set the standard for beauty, style and durability.

They are virtually effortless to maintain, and they help create a healthier environment for ashma/allergy sufferers by eliminating the #1 hiding place for mold, dust mites, pollen, fungi, and bacteria.

Unlike wood floors they do not require constant care, and can tolerate much more traffic and abuse without suffering damage.

Aristocrete Stained Concrete Floors will not fade, chip or peel, and while these rugged floors are the premier choice for high traffic institutions, their subtle beauty makes them perfect for the most elegant of custom homes.

Aristocrete floors are professionally installed by highly trained and experienced craftsmen.  We use prescision guided diamond cutting systems to produce a variety of creative scoring patterns, we offer the widest range of colors available, and use the finest quality sealers and waxes to custom tailor the luster and sheen of the finished floor


Fall 2002 Parade of Homes

The Abby manor
Hallmark Homes

Malay Tan
English Red banding
J Stiles Custom Homes

Salt finished patio with wood dividers

Cola, Dark Walnut & Black
Carmen Homes

King's Residence

Cola with black Wax
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