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Do's & Dont's
1. Construction of a structure with a stained concrete floor is really no more difficult or demanding than the case of any other flooring as long as a few common sense rules are observed to preserve the natural beauty of the concrete.

2. Do not mark or discolor the floor with paint, siliconeoil, plumbers glue, purple primer, masking tape, gasoline, sheetrockmud, red or blue chalk, grease pencil, magic marker, ink pens, and anything else you would not get all over a hardwood floor.We do have techniques that can remove some of these blemishes, however, this will not yield perfect results, it is costly and should be avoided.

3. Driving nails into the floor for wall braces will result in big ugly holes when you remove the nails.  Plan "A" do not drive nails into the floor, plan "B"  if you drive a nail into the floor "DO NOT REMOVE IT!!!" We can remove them without making the big ugly holes. We suggest bracing the walls by nailing the foot of the brace to the baseplate of the opposite wall.

4. Never pour acid of any kind on the floor.  Acid will neutralize the lime in the concrete making it inert and unstainable.

5. Avoid cutting plywood,siding, USB etc. on a 2x4 laying on the concrete. The blade can strike the concrete when the plywood flexes making ugly irregular scoremarks on the concrete.

6. Never put tape on the floor! Tape will pull up tiny particles from the concrete surface when it is removed.  When these areas are stained they will be darker than the rest of the floorand shaped exactly like the piece of tape that was on the concrete.

7. Do not leave nails or other metal objects on wet concrete.  The nails will rust and leave nail shaped dark red spots on the floor.  Similar blemishes can occur if lumber is left lying on the concrete in wet conditions.

8. Orange chalk should be used to srike lines for laying out walls etc.  The good thing about orange chalk is that water washes it away completely.  Never use blue chalk as it cannot be removed and can easily be seen through most concrete stain colors.  Red chslk is also permanent and should be avoided.
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